Betty Queen Open AM - Lindsay Sullivan, FA1

Betty Queen Open AM - Rob Michaud, MA3
Betty Queen Open PRO - Bob Cannon, MPM
Loriella Challenge AM - Bobby Noble, MA2
Loriella Challenge AM - Sarah Fredericksen, FA3
Loriella Challenge AM - Rowan "Wolf" Cato, FJ2

Banging Aces @ Poor House - Thomas Fletcher, MA1
Banging Aces @ Poor House - Hawk Corrick, MG1
Doubles One Seven - Allie Stone and Jacob Bucher, MIX1
Doubles One Seven - Jonathan Bostic and Nikki Bostic, MIX2
Doubles One Seven - Daniel Hatfield, MA1
Doubles One Seven - Connor Gulley and Andy Hassan, MA2
Winchester IFO - Ian Liddell, MPO
Winchester IFO - Allie Stone, FPO (2)
Winchester IFO - Bob Cannon, MPM (2)
Winchester IFO - Mark Sherwood, MPS
Winchester IFO - Thomas Fletcher, MA1 (2)
Equinox IV - Mark Sherwood, MPS (2)
Equinox IV - Mark Bennett, MA2

Sherando Spartan - Kelly Boyce, FPO
Sherando Spartan - Bob Cannon, MPM (3)
Sherando Spartan - Charles Hall, MA1
Sherando Spartan - Allie Stone, FA1 (3)
Sherando Spartan - John Smoot, MM1
Sherando Spartan - Nikki Bostic, FA2 (2)
Mid-Atlantic Junior Championships - Tavi Schliech, FJ4
K'Crushka III - Kelly Boyce, FPO (2)
K'Crushka III - Bob Cannon, MPM (4)
K'Crushka III - Jeff Schliech, MM1
K'Crushka III - Lindsay Sullivan, FA3 (2)
SOMD Classic - Matt Hammersten, MPO
Lord of the Thorns II - Kelly Boyce, FPO (3)
Lord of the Thorns II - Mark Sherwood, MPS (3)
Lord of the Thorns II - Gabrielle Spalding, FA1

​Lord of the Thorns II - Mark Wheeler, MM1
Lord of the Thorns II
- Nikki Bostic, FA2 (3)
Lord of the Thorns II - Mackenzie Parrish, MA3
Ditto Death March - Erik Smith, MPO
Curtis First Time - Bob Cannon, MPM (5)
Curtis First Time - Edgar Mojica, MA2
Curtis First Time - Nikki Bostic, FA2 (4)

2017 NOVA PDGA Winners


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