Are your events open to anyone?

Absolutely.  We welcome players of any skill level, beginner to pro.  We also welcome players of any age, although our events are primarily geared to players 13 and up.  

Do I have to pay a membership fee or other cost in order to be part of the club?

You do not have to pay a membership fee to play in our events.  However, in order to vote in elections or run for club offices, you have to be a NOVA DGA member.  Membership is $20 for 2017, and includes:

*A metal medallion bag tag with a full-color metal insert featuring the NOVA DGA logo (made by Falling Putt).
*A premium Discraft disc featuring the NOVA DGA logo.
*A silicone pint glass featuring the NOVA DGA logo (made by Silipint).
*Voting rights in elections and the right to run for elective office in the club.
*Exclusive early bird registration for NOVA DGA-run PDGA events, such as the wildly popular Duck Golf and Bluemont Bruiser.
*10% off your PDGA membership or renewal.
*An invitation to the members-only NOVA DGA Anniversary BBQ Blowout in June.​

What are the divisions you use for your club events?

We always offer five divisions:  Gold, Silver, and Bronze; Emerald; and Carbon.  For monthlies, we add the Platinum age-protected division.

GOLD players are generally professionals or very advanced amateurs.  They can throw long, precise drives and sink long, controlled putts, and generally like to play a course's most challenging layouts.  A Gold player will usually have many types of throws to rely on:  backhand, forehand, rollers, and overhand shots.

SILVER players are advanced to intermediate amateurs.  They can throw long drives, but with less precision, consistency, and control than the Gold players.  They generally putt well, but are more inconsistent than the Gold players.  They may have one or more very refined shots, but are working on others.

BRONZE players are beginners to intermediate amateurs.  They may have a good drive or a solid putting stroke, but have difficulty with distance, consistency, or both.  They are working on their mechanics for the basic throws, and generally rely on one or two types of throw exclusively.

EMERALD players are female players of any skill level.  Female players may also opt to play in Gold, Silver, or Bronze if they wish.

CARBON players are junior players (17 and under).  They may also opt to play in the other divisions.

PLATINUM players are players aged 60 and over.  They may also opt to play in the other divisions.

Tell me about this Campside course I've heard about.  Can I play it?

Burke Lake Park - Campside is a fun, challenging temporary course at the campgrounds at Burke Lake!  You can play it, but only at designated times during the fall and winter.  Check the Facebook page or the course's DGCR page for information about when the course is playable!

Can I play in the PDGA Leagues (Brouhaha at Bluemont; Ragnar Overby League; Battle at Burke Lake; Jailbreak at Giles Run) even if I'm not a PDGA member?

Yes.  No PDGA membership is required, and no additional fees are applied to non-PDGA members for league play.

How does the Ragnar Overby League operate?

The Ragnar Overby League is a reverse points-based league.  The best finisher in each division gets one point, and each subsequent finisher would receive more points.  At the end of 12 weeks of play, 32 players (of qualifying players who have completed seven or more events, the top eight Gold, Silver, and Bronze finishers, as well as the remaining top eight point-scorers) will face off in a match play tournament.  At the conclusion of match play, male, female, and junior club champions will be crowned.  Women need only play in three events to qualify for the women's bracket; juniors need only play in two.

​How does Wednesday Doubles work?

Wednesday Doubles at Burke Lake Park is how our club got its start.  We play random doubles format, which means your partner is determined by picking numbered poker chips out of a bag.  We play "Best Shot" rules, which means that both players on a team tee off, and the team determines which shot they will take.  The other disc is picked up.  Then, both players shoot from the chosen lie, and so on until one of the two team members successfully sinks their putt.  

This format is great for meeting new people and playing fun, stress-free golf.  Many beginners think Random Doubles is the best possible introduction to the game!  

For more information about "Best Shot" rules, please consult the PDGA's handy guide.

What's up with Women's Night?

NOVA DGA's mission is to grow the sport, and part of that is making disc golf - traditionally a male-dominated sport - accessible to women of all experience levels.  Accordingly, Allie Stone, our club's top-ranked amateur competing in women's divisions, came up with the idea of a women-only weekly event.  Each week varies, with the ladies working on different skills and concepts, or sometimes just playing a round together.  It's free, and is designed to be low-pressure and high-fun.  Of course, NOVA DGA encourages all ladies to play in all of our events, not just Women's Night!   Women's Night is run by Lindsay Sullivan.  She can be reached at

Are your events PDGA-sanctioned?

Some are; some are not.  Our major tournaments, like Duck Golf, are PDGA-sanctioned events.  Others, like our weekly events and some manufacturer events (MVP Circuit and Discraft Ace Race), are not PDGA-sanctioned.  Despite not being official PDGA events, we strive to follow PDGA rules of play and conduct at all times.

Who's in charge of this thing, anyway?

​NOVA DGA is run by a five-person committee.  The committee relies very heavily on input from players to craft DGA goals, procedures, and make decisions about how to use DGA funds and what kind of events to run.  The current committee is composed of Jorge Menjivar, Matt Mendenhall, Jason Lenzner, Dave Foss, and Mike Sullivan.  The easiest way to reach them is via email at

Is this a business?  Do you make money?

The club is organized as a nonstock corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a registered charity in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Under our bylaws, all revenue and profit realized by NOVA Disc Golf Association is to be used for the growth and benefit of the support.  No Director or member of the club draws a salary or receives any payment for services from the club.

Frequently Asked Questions:  NOVA DGA Events